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Sensory Assessment

This assessment will evaluate your child’s sensory processing skills.  It can help in determining what sensory system(s) your child may be having difficulties regulating.  It will provide strategies and recommendations to help regulate their nervous system, in hopes that they will be better able to communicate, attend, follow directions and/or socialize.  Education on understanding your child’s sensory system will also be included.

What is Sensory Processing?

Sensory processing refers to the body’s ability to register, organize and interpret information from the environment appropriately. Our bodies detect sensory information through a combination of systems including vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste and body movement. Some children have difficulties regulating their sensory processing abilities which can affect their ability to attend and focus during school-day activities.

Signs that your child may be experiencing difficulty with regulating their sensory information

    • Decreased tolerance of messy hands or messy face
    • Difficulty functioning within a crowd of children
    • Sensitivities to clothing (i.e. tags, fabric)
    • Easily disturbed by loud noises
    • Poor body awareness
    • Decreased tolerance to bathing/showering
    • Unable to sit still/always on the move
    • Appears clumsy or awkward
    • Does not like getting hair cut or teeth brushed
    • Frequently bumps and/or pushes people or objects
    • Often uses more force (or less force) than needed
    • Unexplained hitting and kicking 
    • Difficulty transitioning between places or activities (does not ‘go with the flow’)
    • Has meltdowns in public places

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